Since 1975,  we have thrived off of the challenges that a clambake brings and have provided an entertaining and memorable experience for all our customers and their guests.
In the beginning, we prepared clambakes using rock and wood as was the custom for centuries. Today, we have adapted our method of preparation to include a traditional pan-type clambake, which uses an above-ground clambake pit. The food is still cooked in wooden boxes on a bed of seaweed to maintain the original clambake flavor.This is not a clam boil or pot-style clambake. We do not precook any of the clambake ingredients.

We have served thousands of customers. 
Clambakes are ideal for summer company outings, casual weddings and rehearsal dinners.
Our clambakes are prepared by our bakemasters and our experienced staff and served to you right at your site with no buffet lines. We take care of the fuss and mess so you can sit back and enjoy your very own Cape Cod clambake with friends and family.
 All the finest and freshest seafood, 
meats and produce are cooked on site.
Old fashioned rock and wood flavor in the tradition of old-time Cape Cod clambakes
The Authentic Clambake Company on Cape Cod
Serving New England